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26th Anniversary Convention - 2014


Articles Received From Article On Download
1 Mr. W A Wijewardena The changing landscape of Retail Banking : Challenge now – adapt or perish
2 Dr. Saman Kelegama Will the Brics Bank & Fund, and SAARC Development Bank boost Global South?
3 Dr. Ajantha S Dharmasiri Whither Strategic Orientation? A study of HR Professionals in commercial banks in South Asia
4 Dr. S H A M Abeyratne Importance of Consolidation on Financial System Stability
5 Dr. Arul Sivagananathan Building coalitions amongst competitors through shared services
6 Prof. Kennady D Gunawardena Women participation in Senior Management positions in licensed commercial bank in Sri Lanka
7 Mr. Deshal de Mel Growth without consumption
8 Mr. Suren Rajakarier Fintech and the Hype
9 Mr. Nimal Hapuarachchy Changing role of the Bank Manager – Survival of the fittest
10 Mr. Trevor Mendis Change is inevitable. Are banks ready ?
11 Mr. Parama Dharmawardena Trade Agreements – A wining strategy for growing Sri Lanka's exports
12 Ms. Manohari Gunawardena Reshaping banking for changing times .pdf
13 Ms. Viruli De Silva Strategic Resourcing : Competitive people advantage for banks in changing paradigms .pdf
14 Mr. Bhanu Wijayaratne Governance, Regulatory Compliance & Financial System : Reshaping banking for changing times .pdf
15 Mr. Aruna Fernando Managing Credit Risk in changing times .pdf
16 Mr. E P A Sisira Kumara Dawning of a new era of empowerment a key success factor of service quality in banking in Sri Lanka .pdf
17 Mr. Harsha Munasinghe Empowering and enriching banking customers through sustainable corporate social responsibility led community investment .pdf
18 Mr. Jagath Gamanayake 3C – Forces shaping banking for changing times .pdf
19 Mr. Champal de Costa In search of an entrepreneurial culture : A step towards reshaping banking for changing times .pdf
20 Ms. Thilini Sumudu Kumari Reshaping the Risk Management on trading book of banks : An examination of current practices .pdf
21 Mr. Naleen Edirisinghe Cost restructuring programs, the best approach for Banks to unmark hidden expenses to face future market realities .pdf
22 Mr. Thejaka Perera Bitcoins and the Crypto Currencies: Monetary challenge from the cyberspace .pdf
23 Ms. Mohini Seneviratne Managing reputation in a digital world .pdf
24 Mr. Chundika Ariyawansa Re-shaping banking through social media in Sri Lanka –Important lessons to learn from other countries .pdf
25 Ms. Sunari Dandeniya Expanding financial services frontier and mobile banking in Sri Lanka .pdf
26 Mr. Kasun Dilshan Wijayaratne Facing Cyber War : Re-shaping banking for changing times .pdf
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